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387 Park Avenue Worcester, MA 01601  |  1-508-755-1379

Who we are

Miraculous Creations is considered to be Worcester’s Premier Body Art studio by many satisfied customers. We opened in May 1992 and have always striven to bring you the best services in the area. Our studio is immaculately clean. We boast a large body jewelry store and carry top of the line jewelry. Our rooms are private and comfortable. And our waiting room is large, clean, comfortable and fun.


We offer a variety of tattoo artists and piercers to suit everyone tastes, styles and price range. Our services include tattoos, body piercing, body jewelry sales, permanent makeup, medical tattoos, laser tattoo removal, eyelash extensions, and collagen induction therapies!


The owners truly care about your experience and will do whatever it takes to make sure your experience is a great one. If there is ever a problem, simply contact the owner and give her the opportunity to make it right and she will. Come in and experience what a body art studio should be.

Proudly Serving Worcester

Miraculous Creations Tattoo and Body Art Studio has been one of the most respected body art studios in Worcester, Massachusetts for the 18+ years we’ve been open. We offer a variety of tattoo and body piercing artists so you’re sure to find one to suit your taste. We are by far the largest body jewelry store in Worcester! We are a clean and safe body art studio using the latest sterilization and sanitization techniques to ensure your safety. We offer excellent customer support and friendly service at reasonable prices. Come in today to let one of our tattoo, body piercing or branding artists help you choose the right addition to your body. For all your custom tattoos and body piercings, choose Miraculous Creations of Worcester, Massachusetts.


Miraculous Creations Tattoo and Body Art Studio, located in the heart of Worcester, Massachusetts is your finest choice to fill all of your body art desires. We are truly a professional shop with artists that behave professionally, allowing you to feel safe and confident in choosing us. Our artists are friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming to everyone. Our tattoo artists do custom work, flash, portraits, cover-ups, fix-ups. Our piercers are extremely well trained and experienced. We only carry top quality body jewelry to assure your piercing will have the best chance at healing properly as well as the best appearance. Our founding owner Rose Andlauer is a certified specialist in permanent cosmetics, paramedical tattoos, Eliminink tattoo removal and collagen induction therapies.

Our Studio

Our studio, as well as every artist, is individually licensed with the Worcester Department of Public Health. We are very concerned with safety and cut no corners to ensure your safety. We have a full hospital style sterilization room with 2 autoclaves and 4 ultrasonic cleaners. We keep up to date on the latest safety information, chemicals, and equipment.


Tattoo and piercing needles are ALWAYS single use disposables! We offer very fair prices on our services and our jewelry. We carry recommended aftercare products. Package pricing ensures you leave with everything you need to make your experience complete. We are generous in the community in supporting charitable events. Part of your purchase will ultimately go back into the community.


Our rooms are private, clean and comfortable. Our waiting room is spacious with plenty of room for you and your friends. We have a private parking lot as well as street parking out front.

Our History

Miraculous Creations was originally started in 1993 in Brookfield MA on Lincoln St. It was a small in-home business because at that time there simply was no such thing as a business dedicated to body art.


The original name was Miraculous Creations Alternative Lifestyle Center. I (Rose) offered a variety of services based mostly on personal growth, achievement, and healing. These services included body piercing, relaxation techniques, meditation, counseling services, hypnosis, past life regression, energy balancing, etc. I started piercing as a spiritual tool used in modern therapy, adopted from ancient cultures and beliefs.


This was also where we had the base for the tattoo legalization process in MA.


With a little time, the business grew so much that it was clear that we needed more space and a more central location. We moved to 59 Green Street in Worcester, MA on March 20, 1996. We were in fact, Worcester’s very first body art business! Others are quick to make this claim but I promise you they cannot back their claims up with proof because they are false claims. There were a few people doing piercings in barrooms, apartments, basements, back seats of cars, hairdressing studios, head shops, home parties, etc., but not one was a business doing body art (tattoos, piercing, branding, implants, scarification, cutting, pocketing etc.) We were the first. Our business license is on display at the shop if anyone questions the dates. Yes, we can back up our claim to be Worcester’s first with solid proof.


We had no idea how fast Miraculous Creations would grow and we were quickly adding staff members and looking for a larger location again just one year later. We moved to our next location at 310 Park Avenue on April 28th,1997.


In 2000 Rose became sole owner. This made us Worcester’s ONLY woman-owned body art business as well! Miraculous Creations had also opened other studios in various locations across New England but they were closed when I took over as sole owner so that I could stay local, stop traveling to work and put all of my energy into making Miraculous Creations the best it can be.


In 2002 we moved just 4 blocks down the street to 458 Park Ave. This was a definite improvement. We had a much nicer landlady and a bigger nicer space.


In January 2005, I added both my son Jesse and my husband Phil as owners.


In September 2009 we bought our own building. Woot woot! Our dream come true! We re-opened for business in the fall of 2009 at our new shop and it has been wonderful. We invite you to come see New England’s nicest shop!


In 2018 Jesse became the owner of Miraculous Creations Worcester and Rose & Phil opened Miraculous Creations 2 in the Fox Run Mall in Newington, NH.


Again…THANK YOU for your patronage!


Jesse Fiske, Rose Andlauer & Phil Andlauer and Staff