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Blush is very rarely heard of in permanent cosmetics. Like eyeshadow, blush is a very advanced form of permanent cosmetics. This should never be attempted by anyone that is not certified in advanced techniques and that doesn’t have the Oron57 machine. Most permanent cosmetics artists do not offer blush because the Oron57 machine is the ONLY machine that is made for blush. It is because it has a special roller type of needle that is the only method that gives tattooed blush a natural look. If you allow anyone to tattoo blush using anything else you may end up looking like a clown. It’s simply not possible to do well with any other machine/needle. That’s why you never see permanent makeup artists that offer it. I have this amazing machine and use it for all of my work. The roller needle for blush is amazing!

Tattooed blush is a wonderful touch to enhance a natural look. It obviously would not be visible through a foundation. Blush is intended to give you color when you’re not wearing makeup. This is perfect for natural ladies who don’t like to wear makeup all the time. It’s also perfect for those that wear makeup all the time so you always have something, and you can add to it when you do apply your makeup. As the day goes by and your makeup starts to fade this will also give your makeup a boost and prevent it from looking as faded.


There’s nothing sexier than a blushing woman!


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