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387 Park Avenue Worcester, MA 01601  |  1-508-755-1379

Body Piercing

We are the oldest piercing studio in Worcester, Massachusetts with a large selection of body jewelry. We offer full body piercing that includes ears, lips, navels, genitals and more.


Our piercers are very knowledgeable on jewelry, placement, technique, sterilization, ethics, and aftercare.


* We use only single-use disposable needles and all other items are sterilized in a hospital grade autoclave.

** You must be 18 or older for adult piercings. If you’re under 18, you must bring in your real parent or your legal guardian for all non-adult piercings. Legal means they have actual court documents stating they are in fact your real legal guardian. You should also bring in your birth certificate. We simply cannot do piercings on you if you are under 18 without proper consent. If we suspect that the adult with you is not your parent you will have to show your birth certificate. A copy of the adult’s driver’s license and your birth certificate will be taken and stored in our private records.