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The human body is an incredible work of art with the amazing ability to regenerate and heal. But it also does have occasional problems such as injuries, infections, illnesses and disease that need help to heal. We are all accustomed to dealing with these issues and seek medical treatment when necessary. Piercings of any kind anywhere on the body can occasionally have problems too. You would go back to your doctor if you have a problem after a medical procedure or you would go back to your dentist if you’re having a problem after having dental work, correct? It is equally as important to be able to go back to your piercer for a check-up if you have a problem with a piercing. 

If you are experiencing a fever, nausea, extreme bleeding, or red lines like spider webs extending from the piercing it is very important that you seek medical treatment IMMEDIATELY from your doctor, urgent care or emergency department.

Fortunately, cases that severe are extremely rare. Most situations can easily be cleared up with simple methods and products readily available to you right at home. But knowing what the problem is and what to use is extremely important. Never let a piercing that seems to have a problem go unattended! Don’t delay, get a check-up as soon as possible if anything abnormal is suspected.