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Choosing A Tattoo Design

Some clients prefer that each tattoo have personal meaning, and some clients simply want an eye-catching, beautiful, or bold design. Some prefer custom designs, and others prefer “flash”, the pre-existing images on display in many studios. Whatever your reason for getting a tattoo, remember to take your time while choosing a design because you will have it for the rest of your life!


The design you choose should fit its location on your body in shape and size. Your artist can help you determine a good place for a design you like, and she/he can modify any design so that it fits the body part where you want to wear it. Use your artist’s expertise: the professional tattoo artist can help modify your design so it looks its best on your body.


The artists at Miraculous Creations are happy to create a custom design for you. Once you have an idea, bring as much source material as possible for the artist to work from. Source material comes in many forms, and it doesn’t have to look exactly like the tattoo you want. Bring whatever you have for your artist to use: photographs, designs from the internet, magazines, clothes, your own drawings (even if you can’t draw), even sculptures or flowers – anything can be a good source.


If you are receiving a portrait tattoo, source material is especially important. Bring as many different large, clear photographs of the subject as you can. Even if you know exactly what photo you want as a portrait tattoo, having images of the subject from other angles will help the artist understand how the subject looks, maximizing the accuracy of the portrait.


If you want exactly the same design that someone else already has, you will need his or her permission. If you have seen a tattoo in a magazine or online that you like, and you don’t know the person and can’t get his or her permission, your artist will be glad to change the design slightly so that it is unique for you and not an exact copy of someone else’s tattoo.


Many clients are nervous about getting their first tattoo, and may choose a very small design because of this nervousness. Remember that all tattoos will fade and blur slightly over time, as the skin cells are renewed. These natural effects of time will be less noticeable on a larger tattoo than a small one. Listen to your artist: especially when your tattoo includes letters or numbers, the size that your artist recommends will minimize blurring and fading, keeping your tattoo looking great in the years to come.

Most importantly, tattooing is an individual and sometimes very personal process. A tattoo permanently decorates your body. Make sure the design you choose is the design that you want, because tattoo trends are always changing. Your artist’s goal is to give you a high-quality tattoo that you will always be happy with.