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Piercing After Care

You have received a piercing by a well trained professional piercer. Your piercing was performed using aseptic techniques with sterile jewelry, needle, and tools. Now it's up to you to take care of it properly. You will leave with written aftercare directions. We carry the aftercare products pictured below as well as sea salt for soaks. Please follow our aftercare recommendations. Read through what to avoid as well. If you think something is wrong please come in for a free check-up so your piercer can guide you through the healing process and any problems you may experience. You can schedule a consultation by clicking Book Online, call 508-755-1379 or just stop in.


Cleaning Instructions:

Wash your hands thoroughly prior to touching your piercing or jewelry. Do not allow anyone else to touch your piercing.

When showering, wet the jewelry and use your fingers to remove any lymph fluid that may have dried on the jewelry (crusties). Then add a small drop of liquid soap, lather up the jewelry and rotate or slide the jewelry through the piercing and rinse very well. After showering use your saline spray to be sure all soap residue has been removed. Pat dry with a paper towel. Don't touch it through the rest of the day.

When it's time to clean and you're not showering use the saline spray and q-tips, remove crusties and pat dry with a paper towel.


Saline Soaks:

You can do saline soaks anywhere from once a day to once a week. This is especially helpful to sooth sore or irritated piercings and can help problem piercings heal faster. Use a nonporous cup and fill it halfway with very warm water and 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt, and soak the piercing in the cup of water of possible. If not possible soak a gauze pad or cotton ball in the saltwater and apply it to the piercing. Soak for 5 to 10 minutes. Consult one of our piercers for more detailed information.


What is normal:

  • Initial minor swelling, redness, minor bruising, soreness and slight bleeding.

  • Some discoloration, itching, secretion of a whitish-yellow fluid (not pus) that will dry on the jewelry.

  • A piercing may seem healed before the healing process is complete because tissue heals from the outside in. The interior remains fragile much longer, be patient throughout the entire healing process.

  • Even healed piercings can shrink or close in minutes after having been pierced for years! This varies from person to person. If you need to remove the jewelry for any reason, consult with one of our piercers before doing so.  If you must take the jewelry out get it back in ASAP by coming in so we can put it back in without damaging the piercing.


What is not normal:

No matter how well a piercing is performed problems can occasionally occur. It is important to understand that infections are NOT caused from the piercing procedure. Infections come from germs getting into the piercing during the healing period so it's very important to follow the directions and please come back in to see a piercer if you think anything is wrong. You trusted our piercer to do your piercing please offer them the trust of allowing them to help guide you through the healing period. 

  • Prolonged redness, swelling or bleeding

  • Pain (slightly sore is normal)

  • Bumps on or around your piercing

  • Rash

  • Green discharge

  • Foul odor

  • Migrating to the surface 


What to do:

  • If you think something is wrong with your piercing please come in as soon as possible so our piercer can check your piercing at no charge and guide you on healing anything that can possibly happen. There are solutions to any problem that a piercing can have. The worse thing to do is take the jewelry out, Taking the jewelry out allows the outer layer of skin to close almost immediately and if there's an infection it becomes trapped inside. As soon as you suspect something is wrong, do a sea salt soak and do them often until you get in to see our piercer. We also carry all product necessary to get you through the healing process. You can view them below.

  • Wash our hands before touching your piercing every time

  • Wear clean, loose fitting clothing on piercings that are covered by clothes

  • Wash your bedding often during the healing period

  • Showers are better than baths during the healing period

  • Get enough sleep! Sleep speeds healing

  • Eat a nutritious diet giving your body the power to heal

  • Protect your piercing while working or exercising 

  • Clean your piercing after exercise


What to Avoid during the healing process:

  • Do not allow others to touch your piercings until you are sure they are completely healed

  • Avoid public hot tubs or pools

  • Be careful not to get personal products on your piercing such as lotions, hairspray, cosmetics etc,

  • Don't use harsh products on your piercing such as Betadine, Hydrogen Peroxide, Hibicleanse, and alcohol

  • Do not use creams, lotions or ointments on piercings

  • After swimming or going to the beach clean your piercing immediately and do a sea salt water soak

  • Avoid playing with your jewelry!!! This causes infections, irritation, migration, rejection, prolonged healing and scar tissue formation

  • Avoid buying jewelry at places such as Hot Topic, Piercing Pagoda, Claire's, and beach shops. These places sell cheap jewelry from China made of low-quality metals and are poorly machined. This type of jewelry can cause serious damage to your piercing!

  • Do not wear tight clothing on any piercing! Tight clothing can damage your piercing in many ways


Ear and Facial Piercings:

  • Change your pillow case often or consider using T-shirts as pillow cases and change them daily. Expect that your piercing may bleed a little for a few days.

  • Maintain the cleanliness of cell phones, eyeglasses, headphones, helmets, hats and anything that comes in contact with the piercing

  • Be careful of hair brushes and combs, they easily catch and pull on piercings.


Oral Piercings:

  • Rinse using a non-alcohol mouthwash or a saline solution 

  • For two weeks rinse after eating, drinking or smoking

  • Avoid oral sex until fully healed

  • After two weeks continue to rinse twice a day


Surface/micro/dermal anchors:

  • These piercings require maintenance during the entire lifetime of the piercing because lymphatic fluids and other dirt/bacteria can build up underneath the threaded top causing the piercing to become irritated.

  • Saline soaks are suggested at least 3 times a week during the healing process and 1 to 3 times a week after

  • Avoid getting makeup, hairspray, and other products on them

  • Keep in mind that sometimes surface anchors migrate out no matter how well the were done and how well you took care of it. They should be considered temporary piercings.



The support of a light cotton shirt or sports bra may provide protection and increasing comfort, especially when sleeping.


Hints & Tips:

  • Unless there is a problem you should not change the jewelry in any piercing until it is very well healed. If the jewelry must be changed come in and have it changed by one of our piercers.

  • Leave jewelry in at all times

  • Regularly check any parts of your jewelry that are threaded on to be sure they are screwed on tightly.

  • In the event that you think anything at all may be wrong with your piercing please come in for a free check up and allow our piercers to guide you through healing the right way.