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Permanent Cosmetic After Care

Congratulations on receiving your new permanent makeup by a highly trained and experienced professional. Now it's important that you protect your investment by following proper aftercare. There are many methods of aftercare and various shops and artists have different recommendations. There are many products to choose from as well. The ones our artists prefer are Hustle Butter By Richie Bulldog oAquaphorre. We carry a variety of sizes for your convenience. Rose will provide a small tube of Aquaphor and we carry Hustle Butter in our store if you would like to purchase that instead. 




Wash your hands before touching your tattoo each time.

Wash your tattoo using a mild soap and just your hand, do not use washcloths.

Air dry or pat dry using a paper towel.

Apply Hustle Butter or Aquaphor after washing and throughout the day any time is starts to feel dry. Please follow the direction on the product you choose. 



The following are important Don't Do's during the healing period:


  • Do not allow your tattoo to dry out.

  • Do not scratch or pick your tattoo.

  • Do not use hot tubs, or swimming pools during the healing period.

  • Do not swim during the healing period.

  • Do not allow your healing tattoo to be exposed to the sun.

  • Do not get dirt or beach sand on your tattoo.

  • Do not allow others to touch your tattoo.



Important Do's for your healing tattoo:


  • Do cover your tattoo if you will be working or playing in a dirty environment.

  • Do email your artist if you have any questions.

  • Do come in or contact your artist immediately if you think something is wrong, such as excessive redness, bumps of any kind, rash, feels hot or if you suspect an infection. Allow your tattoo artist to guide you in the healing process and make suggestions for dealing with any problems.

  • Do send a healed picture to your artist.

  • Do examine your permanent makeup closely and if a touch up is needed please either schedule a permanent makeup touch up on our website or call 508-755-1379 so our receptionist can help you. 

  • Do leave a 5 star review on Yelp, Google or Facebook etc. If for any reason you don't feel we deserve a 5 star review, please come in or contact your artist if you are not happy in any way. If you are still not satisfied, email Office@MiraculousCreations.com so we can help you. Please allow us the opportunity to remedy any situation before leaving a negative review that affects all 14 people that work here.