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How should I handle a problem with a tattoo?


There are a variety of issues that can happen with a tattoo no matter where they are done. Here is a list of some examples.

  • Improper aftercare can ruin a great tattoo.

  • Sun exposure on a fresh or healing tattoo.

  • Chlorine in pools or hot tubs.

  • Soaking in a bathtub.

  • Swimming in a pool or the ocean.

  • Allergic reaction to ink.

  • Allergic reaction to an aftercare product.

  • A misunderstanding in communication with the artist.

Please be sure you've communicated clearly what you want with your artist.  Look at the design on your skin before the tattoo is started.  Be sure the spelling is correct and the placement is exactly where you want it.  Discuss colors and be sure you agree or tell the artist you want changes.  Follow the aftercare instructions and come in at the first sign of any problem.

The right things to do:

If you got a tattoo by one of our artists and you are not happy for any reason, please communicate with us so we can solve your problem.  The human body can be difficult to heal.  When something is wrong, the right thing to do is come in and talk to the artist who did the work.  Please don't blame the artist or the shop.  Everyone does the best job possible but some things are out of our control.  We are there for you anytime you need help. The artists have a lot of pride in their work and reputation.  They are happy to help you get through any problems you are having.

The wrong things to do:

Your artist put their heart and soul into your tattoo. Things can and do sometimes happen that are out of their control. Please give them the opportunity to work with you to make you happy. Going to another shop doesn't make sense; you will have to pay for the touch up that is free from the artist that did the work. Please allow us to solve the problem.