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In Worcester all tattoo licenses are alike. They do not offer a specific license for cosmetic tattoos and again a separate one for medical tattoos as they should. It’s all just one regular tattoo license. This can be very confusing and even dangerous to the consumer. Most tattoo artists do not do cosmetic tattoos nor should they. And most cosmetic tattoo artists do not do regular tattoos. Of course, there are exceptions.


The machine that the artist uses can make a huge difference in the end result. Many permanent makeup artists are using cheap machines, the problem is that these machines do not run smoothly. As a result, they tug, tear and pull on the sensitive skin making the procedure more painful and the healing more difficult. The end result is permanent makeup that is scarred and permanently damaged. I use an extremely high-quality machine that is made for both permanent makeup and regular tattoos. I use a genuine Cheyenne Hawk Pen machine. This machine is so respected that it's also the victim of Fake copycat machines from China, mine is real. For certain procedure such as hair follicle simulation, I also have an Oron 57 digital machine.



Medical tattoos are a completely separate certification. A cosmetic tattoo artist should NOT do Medical tattoos. They have not been trained in this very important area of tattooing! Be sure the artist you are seeing has a certificate of training specifically for medical tattoos.


Just having a tattoo license does not ensure any of that. Do your homework and ask questions and be sure you actually see the specific training certificates displayed on the wall.




Consult your physician before taking or stopping ANY medications! If you have any medical issues or take medications please check with your physician to see if cosmetic tattooing is okay for you and if there are any restrictions or special instructions.

DO NOT TAKE ASPRIN OR BLOOD THINNERS OF ANY KIND FOR AT LEAST 48 HOURS PRIOR TO YOUR PERMANENT MAKEUP PROCEDURE. It's not because it's a danger, it's not. It's because it increases bleeding which washes the ink right back out and leaves you with a spotty tattoo when healed.


Anesthetics: I use a variety of topical anesthetics. Please let me know if you have ever had an allergic reaction to anesthesia.


LIPS: If you are considering a lip procedure – and you’ve EVER had even one cold sore, you will need to obtain a prescription for Zovirax or Valtrex and take it for a week prior to and a week after the procedure.

Some clients feel that taking Benadryl just before the procedure promotes relaxation and helps with the reduction of swelling following the procedure. If you decide to take Benadryl or any other form of relaxant – be sure to have someone drive you home. Consult your physician before taking ANY medications.


Eye Surgery
If you have had laser vision correction or cataract surgery you must wait 3 months after surgery to have eyeliner tattooed.


If you have glaucoma that requires medication you must bring in a note from your Doctor stating that it is okay for you to receive tattooed eyeliner.


Port Wine stains Cannot be tattooed.

Pregnancy – You cannot receive a tattoo of any type while pregnant.


Moles cannot be tattooed.

Psoriasis – You cannot be tattooed during an outbreak of Psoriasis.

Diabetes must be well controlled to get a tattoo. You should check with your Doctor and bring a note in with you so we know it’s safe for you.

MRI’s – Be sure to tell the technician before getting your MRI that you have cosmetic tattoos and where. Let them know the ink contains Iron oxide. You can get an MRI. You may feel slight tingling in the area during the MRI. I personally have had MRI’s and have full body tattoos as well as cosmetic tattoos and have never felt a think or had any problems. The technician will go over all details with you before your MRI.

Anemia – You may have excessive bruising


Conditions that require medication before receiving a tattoo ( Please see your Doctor prior to your appointment)

* Mitral Valve Prolapse
* Cold sores, fever blisters


We require a note from your Doctor if you have any of the following:
* Kidney disease
* Liver disease
* Hemophilia
* Active Cancer
* Heart conditions: heart murmurs, artificial heart valve, pacemaker


As with any type of procedure there are possibilities of minor complications.

Corneal Abrasion – A scratch on the surface of the eye. This is a possible complication during the eyeliner procedure. Symptoms are burning, itching and discomfort. It should resolve itself within 24 hours. Your physician or optometrist can prescribe a topical ophthalmologic anesthetic if necessary.
Swelling of the area tattooed
Itching of the area tattooed


Allergic reactions are possible. If you tend to have allergies or sensitivities you should definitely come in for a patch test prior to your procedure.

This can be done 2 ways.
1) We can apply some ink topically to an area that is not openly visible and you can go home with on your skin. Leave it unwashed overnight and in the morning examine that area to see if you’re having any reaction. There is no charge for this service.
2) Two weeks before your procedure you can come in and have a small dot of color tattooed on you somewhere non-visible. Watch the area over the following two weeks to see if you have any reaction. If you do, come in for a checkup to be sure it’s an allergic reaction. If it is you should not have a procedure done. If there’s no problem you’ll know you’re okay to have it done. There is a $30.00 fee for this option to cover the cost of supplies used to perform the test.



Cosmetic Tattoo Safety