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Yes you can have eyeshadow tattooed!


Doing eyeshadow is an extremely advanced form of permanent makeup and should never be attempted by someone that has not been certified in advanced techniques. In addition to proper training, the technician must be using a very gentle machine set at a very low speed. Do not allow a regular tattoo artist or a regular permanent makeup artist to do this!


I use an extremely advanced digital machine made for advanced makeup tattooing. It is computer controlled so the speed can be adjusted to the perfect setting for each body part. The cartridge style needles are specially made for use on the eyelids.


Eyeshadow should not be done in drastic colors! It is intended to be done in gentle tones that give you an “every day” made up look. You don’t want to wake up looking like you’re on your way to a night club every day. Choose neutral or soft shades that can be worn in any event any time of day. You add to that when you go out and want a more dramatic look.


This is great for a variety of people. If you’re not a big makeup person this gives you a gently made up look without being overdone and you never have to bother with using makeup. Or if you can’t be seen without full makeup this is a life saver for you when you wake up or get caught at home alone, or need to run a quick errand. You will feel like you have some makeup on and you can add to it when you need more. Permanent makeup heals to a gentle matte finish, not bright or shiny. It’s perfect for every woman!


I have a large variety of colors and also make custom colors to design the perfect look for you!