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For men

There are lots of reasons that men may consider Para-medical or Cosmetic Tattooing services!


  • Eyebrow creation to cover total hair loss that may occur with alopecia

  • Eyebrow rectification subsequent to injury and partial hair loss

  • Tattooed eyelash enhancement, yes men have eyelash enhancement too! This does not look like eyeliner. It is minor highlights in the eyelash line to bring out small eyes, give a more dramatic, bedroom eye look, accentuate thin or lacking eyelashes etc.

  • Lip tattooing to correct asymmetrical lips, irregular lips shapes after injuries or pale lips. Lips can be tattooed with natural skin tones as well as a range of other colors.

  • Areola & Nipple Pigmentation following surgery or to correct color irregularities or to enlarge very small areolas.

  • Hair imitation/simulation to help camouflage scalp scars after hair transplant surgery, or wounds to the scalp or chest.

  • Men get beauty marks too! This can add character to your natural looks.

  • All cosmetic procedures may be of interest to men that have had or will undergo sex change surgery or who live as women.


With Para-Medical and Cosmetic Tattooing the objective is to re-pigment or camouflage the affected skin area in a way that reduces the visibility of the unwanted condition or returns the skin/area to a more natural or aesthetically pleasing appearance.


Other services for men

  • Men are very interested in Collagen Induction therapies! This is also known as skin needling, dermal needling, micro needling and dry tattooing. Please refer to that section for more information. These services are not just for women.

  • Reducing visibility of scars from acne and injuries anywhere on the face and body.

  • Stimulate hair follicles to slow hair thinning/loss and help regrow lost hair.

  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Reduce the appearance of burn scars.

  • Reduce the appearance of stretch marks.


Our services are always confidential!