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Hair Follicle Simulation

Cosmetic tattooing is a wonderful option for hair loss. Hair loss can result from scars due to injury or donor sites in hair transplant surgery, male pattern baldness.  Hair loss or thinning hair in men and women, especially in the hairline or the crown of the scalp, can be due to Trichotillomania.


It is VERY important to only have this done with the Oron 57 permanent makeup machine. It is the ONLY machine designed to do this! Many tattoo artists and permanent makeup artists have tried this using other machines and other methods that usually end in disaster. The reason this machine makes such a difference is because it has specially designed “roller” needles that truly simulate real hair follicles. Regular tattoo needles are round, hair follicles are not. They’re round with a notch cut out, sort of like a Pack-man look under a microscope. This is the only way to get a natural look.


Hair Follicle Simulation offers a surgery-free long-term solution to hair loss as a result of:

  • Regular pattern hair loss on the scalp

  • Hair thinning on the scalp

  • Scars formed from donor sites in hair transplant surgery

  • Scars from injury or surgery

  • Alopecia

  • Trichotillomania

                      To read more about the machine used for this go here http://npm-usa.com/