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About Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

Miraculous Creations offers advanced laser tattoo removal for clients interested in removing their unwanted ink. Laser tattoo removal is a great solution for getting rid of tattoo regret and making room for new body art and even cover-up tattoos.


Laser tattoo removal is the most effective procedure for safely removing ink from the skin. This noninvasive procedure uses light energy to eliminate ink particles from the skin’s dermal layer without harming any of the surrounding skin tissue. Miraculous Creations uses the Astanza Duality to perform all laser treatments.

During a treatment session, our Duality laser emits continuous ultra-quick pulses of light energy onto the unwanted ink. The ink particles absorb the light energy and shatter into tiny fragmented pieces. These smaller fragments are then carried away by bacteria eating blood cells and naturally flushed out through your lymphatic system.

Tattoos consist of multiple layers of ink. Because of this, laser tattoo removal requires multiple treatment sessions in order to achieve complete removal and fading of the ink. Each treatment session treats the shallowest layer of ink and works deeper and deeper into the dermal layer until no ink is visible. All patients will need a variety of treatments to remove their tattoo. The number of treatments needed depends on a variety of factors unique to the patient and their tattoo.

Miraculous Creations offers complete laser tattoo removal, partial tattoo removal, and lightening for cover-up tattoos. We provide the best results throughout Worcester County, Leicester, Spencer, Brookfield, Framingham, Marlborough, Auburn and beyond. Our Duality laser can remove all ink colors safely from all skin types! No matter your removal reason, we’re here to help. Call today to schedule your appointment – all consultations are free!

Laser Tattoo Lightening and Cover-ups

Not all clients seek laser tattoo removal to remove a regretful or poorly made tattoo. In fact, many clients see laser tattoo removal as an opportunity to make room for more artwork. Miraculous Creations is all about new beginnings and clean canvases. With our Astanza Duality laser, we can fade down an old or unwanted tattoo of yours and then connect you with one of our talented cover-up artists to give you a new custom tattoo.

Cover-up tattoos are another popular solution for clients looking to get rid of an unwanted tattoo. Normally, cover-up tattoos require twice the amount of ink to completely hide an existing tattoo. Heavily pigmented tattoos that consist of a lot of dark inks are generally more difficult for tattoo artists to cover-up. Older or faded tattoos are the easiest tattoos to cover-up.

Laser tattoo removal is great for cover-up tattoos because it lightens the ink in your skin and creates a cleaner canvas for artists to work on. This gives tattoo artists more flexibility with their art and spares your skin the trouble and extra hours of being doused with more ink than it needs.

Most clients see significant fading after just one to three treatments. Our Astanza Duality laser is designed to eliminate more ink in each session and can even selectively remove a specific portion of your tattoo while leaving the surrounding ink intact. We are the only all-inclusive body art and laser tattoo removal studio in Worcester County. For more information on lightening a tattoo in preparation for a cover-up, call our office today and schedule your free consultation!

The Astanza Duality

Miraculous Creations was built on delivering the highest quality results and service. Our talented tattoo artists, premium jewelry line, and clean studio are only a few of the reasons why Miraculous Creations is the leading body art studio in Worcester.

To continue our promise of delivering the finest results, we’ve invested in the Astanza Duality laser. There are many lasers on the market, but after careful research we knew the industry-leading Duality laser would deliver the best ink clearance.

The Astanza Duality is state-of-the art system that combines the powers of a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser. 

The Duality uses advanced Q-switched technology to produce ultra-quick pulse durations of light energy at exceptionally high peak power for optimal ink shattering and faster ink clearance. This helps eliminate more ink from the skin with each session, minimizing the number of overall treatments needed.

  • 1064 nm: black, brown, and dark blue inks

  • 532 nm: red, orange, yellow, and violet inks

To experience this cutting-edge technology, call our office and schedule your free consultation today! We are the only laser clinic throughout Worcester county.


Miraculous Creations offers premium, high quality laser tattoo removal treatments at affordable prices. Our competitive pricing is customized to fit the needs of your tattoo and budget.

Our Worcester clinic uses a size based pricing structure that determines the price per treatment based on the size of the tattoo being removed. All of our consultations are free of charge to help our laser technicians learn more about you and your tattoo and to familiarize you with the procedure before proceeding with treatment.

Upon assessing your tattoo in person, a laser technician will categorize your tattoo by size, customize a treatment plan for you, and determine a pricing quote.

Miraculous Creations also provides package discounts and special offers to help save you more money:

  • Save 10% with a 3-treatment package

  • Save 20% with a 5-treatment package

  • Active Military members and veterans receive 10% off all treatments with proof of identification

  • Minors under the age of 18 receive 50% off all treatment with approval from parent guardian

  • Teachers receive 10% off all treatments with proof of identification

  • Refer a friend and you’ll both receive $50 off your next treatment

  • Fade down your tattoo and get 10% off your next cover-up tattoo