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Micro Needling

Micro Needling is also known by many other names such as dermal needling, dry tattooing, collagen induction and so on. In addition to it's multiple names Dermal Needling also has many uses and methods.


Uses: Anti ageing facials, burn scar reduction, acne scar reduction, scar softening, stretch mark softening.


Methods: There are 2 common methods of Dermal Needling. One is the by using a dermal roller. Rollers come in many different sizes, size refers to the length of the tiny needles surrounding the roller. The size is decided based upon the area to be worked on as well as why the needling is being done. The roller is held in hand and manually rolled on the skin surface. Rollers are never used on more than one person. They are sometimes retained for us on just the one person it belongs to. The other common method is using a electric or battery operation pen style machine that has a flat surface disposable cap that holds the needles. The cap lifts up and down to create the same affect as the roller. The caps are disposed of between use and a new cap used each time. A less common method us a tattoo machine 


Dermal Needling Safety: There are stores selling dermal rollers to the public today, much as they do with tattoo and piercing equipment. These are all very serious and have the potential to be dangerous when people that are not properly trained buy these items on line. There is a lot more to know about these services than many people realize. The price you can pay later in scarring medical bills is not worth the few bucks you safe. You should always go to a professional.