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Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare

Miraculous Creations has invested in the latest laser technology to deliver the safest, most effective results for your skin. However, none of that matters if proper aftercare isn’t applied. In fact, proper aftercare is the most important step to obtaining flawless results. Aftercare is necessary to combat any infection or unwanted side effects from occurring. All patients will receive a take-home aftercare instruction sheet following their treatment. Below are some simple aftercare tips to keep in mind:

  • Always keep the treated area clean and dry. Gently cleanse the tattoo with soap and water, then pat to dry. Cover with an antibiotic ointment and replace sterile bandage three times a day. Repeat this step for 3 days following your treatment.

  • Do NOT mess with any blisters or scabs that form. These unsightly side effects often bring much alarm to patients. However, they are actually positive signs that your immune system is removing the ink from your skin. Interrupting the healing process for any blisters or scabs can lead to infection and increase chances of permanent damage. Allow the scabs and blisters to heal naturally over time.

  • Avoid all soaking activities. Baths, hot tubs, swimming pools, etc. should all be avoided during the healing process. Patients can take showers as long as the treatment site is not directly under high pressure water.

  • Avoid direct sun exposure. Patients should avoid tanning activities and keep the treated area bandaged to avoid direct sun exposure. Apply a sunblock of 25 SPF or higher to the treated area once it has completely healed.

  • Apply a cold compress to the treated area to alleviate inflammation or discomfort. Patients can take Tylenol for additional comfort but should refrain from taking Aspirin as it can increase chances of bruising/bleeding.