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387 Park Avenue Worcester, MA 01601  |  1-508-755-1379

Tattoo Touch-Up Information

Free Touch-Ups:

Our artists stand by their work and do the best job they can to do your tattoo as perfectly as possible. But on occasion, a tattoo may require a touch-up or correction. You will know if your tattoo needs a touch-up within two weeks. We ask that you check your tattoo thoroughly and if you see anything wrong please call us at 508-755-1379  and let us know so we can schedule a touch up for you. Touch up's scheduled within 90 days from the date the tattoo was originally done will be free.



Paid Touch-Ups:

There are many reasons tattoos can fade or lose color that cannot be controlled by the tattoo artist. Improper aftercare can cause a loss of color or scabbing. Please be diligent with the aftercare that we recommend. Pools, hot tubs, and sun exposure, especially during the healing period, cause loss of color. Certain medications, alcohol the night before or day of, touching it with dirty hands can cause infections. These things are all enemies of tattoos.

It's expensive for a tattoo artist to perform touch-ups so we cannot offer free touch ups due to these reasons. Artists will always give you extremely reasonable pricing for touching up work that nature has faded. Please contact the artist by calling or stopping in at the shop or emailing them.


Touch-ups after 90 days but before 6 months will be charged a nominal fee to cover supplies.

Touch-ups after 6 months will be charged accordingly to what's involved. Your artist will give you the price.