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387 Park Avenue Worcester, MA 01601  |  1-508-755-1379


We currently have multiple fantastic Worcester, MA professional tattoo artists. Our artists are always professional, licensed tattoo artists. Feel free to ask to see an artist’s license and other credentials, such as CPR and first-aid training. Tattoo artists are all different just like any other artists. They have different styles, preferences, personalities, and ideas. They use different machines, ink, and equipment. The same tattoo may have a different look depending on which artist did the work. If you’re looking for a simple piece or a common flash piece, any of our artists are more than capable. But if you want to wear an original artistic creation we invite you to meet our artists. You can look through their portfolios in our online galleries, check out their bio pages or stop by the shop.


With our diverse staff, you’re sure to find the right artist for you and your tattoo. You can request that your artist draw a custom tattoo for you or you can choose from flash designs. We have a computer with access to tattoo designs in every category you could ever imagine. It is virtually unlimited and simple to use.


Our tattoo artists set their own prices and they may vary. Each artist has an individual style, expertise, and speed. They do their best to estimate the time involved to draw and prepare your tattoo as well as the time to do the tattoo. The price is approximately $120 per hour. Prices are given per piece but based on an estimated time.


We do not tattoo anyone under 18 years of age. There are no exceptions. Parents cannot give consent for a tattoo; it is against state law.


Appointments are almost always necessary to get a tattoo. We will take walk-ins as time allows but it is very rare that our artists are not working. We usually book up a couple of weeks in advance so please plan ahead and schedule an appointment. We require a deposit of $80.00 when making your appointment, $150 for any appointments longer than 3 hours. Once an appointment is made the deposit is NON REFUNDABLE, if you call 24hrs in advance you may reschedule your appointment transferring your deposit. This can only be done ONCE. If you want to use your charge or debit card you may do so on this website in the store section. Just buy a gift certificate and bring it with you when you stop in to choose your artist, pick up or drop off your design, and schedule your appointment.

Looking for the perfect compliment to your new tattoo? Consider our body piercing service and body jewelry. They are sure to turn heads and make a great addition to your work of art.