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387 Park Avenue Worcester, MA 01601  |  1-508-755-1379

When your permanent makeup procedure is done we make every effort possible to do a perfect job. However no matter how good the technician is many things determine how yours will heal. Sometimes you will lose spots of color and sometimes due to swelling during the procedure there may be a slightly uneven outcome. We stand by our work and offer a free touch up if needed. We require that you notify us as soon as you're done healing to schedule the free touch up. There is a 30-day time limit for letting us know there's a problem and scheduling free touch ups. You can either call the shop or email the technician. 


When are Touch-Ups not free?


Changing color or style:

We understand that you're nervous and want to take it slow. We're often told by clients that they want very light colors and want their permanent makeup very simple in design. They often say "I don't want it to look like I'm wearing makeup". We know you have fears. We ask that you listen to our advice at your appointment. Don't let your fears guide you. Talk to us honestly about the look you're trying to achieve, We need you to understand that every time we have you come back in we are using approximately $40 in anesthesia and supplies and that doesn't count our time. As you get more comfortable with your permanent makeup and want to get more daring and go darker or a new style we have to charge you as this is how we make a living. Your technician will give let you know the price depending on how much work is involved. 


Normal Fading:

All tattoos fade with time, the fading is quicker on the face because of products we use on our face and sunlight. Expect that there will be natural fading that cannot be controlled by us. Fading is natural and occurs at different rates on different people. We have no way of predicting what that will be for you. A full touch is actually a complete redo of the original permanent makeup you had. We charge half the original price.


Unrealistic Expectations:

We are not made to be perfect, mother nature made us all with one side a little bigger than the other. Many people have one eyebrow higher or longer than the other. When you apply your makeup yourself it's never applied perfectly. Humans cannot be perfect or do perfect work. We strive to be as close to perfect as humanly possible. 

Touch-Up Information